Yahoo! Releases Top Searches List For 2007

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It’s time now for major search engines to releases their top most search queries for the year 2007. Yahoo! is the first one to release the list and once again like previous year Britney Spears rules over the Yahoo! Search.

The Top 10 queries on Yahoo! Search for the year 2007 are:

01. Britney Spears
02. WWE
03. Paris Hilton
04. Naruto
05. Beyonce
06. Lindsay Lohan
07. Rune Scape
08. Fantasy Football
09. Fergie
10. Jessica Alba
This year Yahoo! has expanded it’s search list in different categories and also included Delicious search in the list.This list is so called named as Top Trends in Search in 2007

Google Is suppose to release their list later this month. Now lets c which keywords rules on the top chart of Google.

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